FBLA Nashville Flood

by bbenefield on December 26, 2017

This video was done for FBLA’s National Leadership Conference in 2010 that took place in Nashville. Just a few months prior to their event, a devastating storm came through and flooded many parts of the city, including the Gaylord Opryland Hotel where all the students were staying and the event was going to be held.
Due to the damage the at the Gaylord, the venue had to be changed elsewhere in Nashville. There was also no hotel large enough to accommodate the thousands of students attending so they were now all spit up into several hotels and bussed in to the conference. This video was created for the start of the conference which showed the students the damaged and thanked them for still having the event in Nashville even though it was not as convenient as it should have been. The video was made with found news footage and a video provided by the Nashville CVB, my audio engineer also did an amazing job with sound effects that really sounded awesome live.