Tornado II

And this is the destruction path! There used to be a line of homes here, and more homes than there are now. They were older and closer together; I’m assuming some of these newer homes bought two lots to build on. This is SE 8th and Eastern

This is the first picture I actually saw on CNN. If you want to get on TV, just hold an American flag during a tragedy and you’ll make it on air. Don’t get me wrong, I’m as patriotic as anyone; it’s just funny how formulaic the news is.

This after shot is a little boring just looking at a fence, but it beats the before shot… that used to be several homes.

All of the shots to this point were all looking north or east as I was walking north to my home. This is looking to the west. That big building in the back is the Warren Theater; you’re not supposed to be able to see that from here.

This is looking back to the east again and the first shot of my small neighborhood, Eastmoor Estates. In the after shot you see one large home as the people who own that home bought the newly empty lot next to them so they could build a little larger than before.

This one is looking back to the west again.

This sign is brand new! Our neighborhood doesn’t have an HOA so thankfully someone granted the city of Moore some funding to take care of things like this. It took two and a half years but we are happy to have something up again. The people in our neighborhood that headed up this project also did a great job! They were able to salvage the name plates on both sides of the entrance.

I had just started walking east into our neighborhood on 6th street. This is the first home in the neighborhood and it was completely destroyed. In fact, our neighborhood is like a giant letter T with SE 6th street being the stem. Every home on the south side of 6th street was demolished, and every home on the north side was spared (lucky us).

I found this aerial photo of our neighborhood; I believe it was taken by Steve Gooch of the Associated Press. I placed a few markers on the map just so you can see our T shaped neighborhood and how lucky we were it didn’t veer 50 yards north.

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